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bpas needs your support to help continue its campaign for better abortion care.

"Judges have ruled that bpas must pay the costs incurred by the Department of Health when it opposed bpas High Court case in January to allow a woman to complete a medical abortion up to nine weeks at home. We sought a legal re-definition of "treatment" to enable her to take one of two medications needed for early abortion home with her: had we been successful, the case would have put an end to the risk that women miscarry as they travel home after treatment, often having come long distances or on public transport, and the anxiety this causes. It would also have brought UK medical abortion practice into line with international standards of care.

Now the Government insists that bpas must shoulder the cost of the Department of Health's efforts to block evidence-based, sensibly-regulated abortion care.

We did not go to Court on a whim. After a decade of negotiations with the Department of Health, in which officials' admitted the barriers to improving care were political, bpas had little option but to seek legal clarification of a matter so clearly in the public interest. And our action has made a difference. The judge's ruling confirmed that the Secretary of State for Health has the power to approve women's homes as a "class of place" where certain abortion drugs could be taken. The uncertainty is over.

The Government says it has no plans to use this power to make early abortion less stressful and unpleasant for women.

But we at bpas do have plans. Our ambition to provide better abortion care is high, but our campaigning fund is low and we need your support. Please back bpas and help us legalise the best medical abortion care."

Ann Furedi
Chief Executive Officer

We welcome donations to aid our work as this will help us gain best value from what we do and improve our service quality further.

If you would like to make a donation please send a cheque made payable to bpas to:

20 Timothys Bridge Road
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CV37 9BF

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