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bpas has robust systems of governance in place for both clinical and general management.

bpas is a UK registered charity.



bpas Board
bpas is governed by a board of trustees which meets quarterly to:

  • determine policy
  • ensure that the organisation remains true to its charitable aims and values
  • ensure that charges to clients or to the NHS are no greater than is necessary to cover costs and the development of services

The Board operates through 2 sub committees:

Clinical Governance Committee
The Clinical Governance Committee is responsible for guiding the Board and management of bpas on key clinical issues. It also receives regular reports on complications, clinical incidents, complaints, litigation and clinical audits. This committee also oversees the work of the Research and Ethics Committee.

Finance and General Purposes Committee
This Committee considers financial, audit and administrative issues relating to the efficient operation of bpas.

Board Chairman
Ian Hammond

Chief Executive
Ann Furedi

Ann Furedi is Chief Executive of bpas (formerly British Pregnancy Advisory Service). Ann re-joined bpas as Chief Executive in 2003 and has championed the development of bpas' Early Medical Abortion service and bpas' committment to the provision of services to the legal time limit.

Prior to 2003, Ann's career focused on policy, communications and advocacy in reproductive and sexual health. She has served as Director of Policy and Communications at the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority, and Director of Communications at bpas. Throughout the 90s she ran the charity 'Birth Control Trust', and writes extensively on issues relating to unplanned pregnancy.

Executive Directors
Day to day operation of bpas is managed by the executive directors, consisting of:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Organisational Development

Charity status

bpas is a registered charity and is therefore governed by the rules of the independent Charity Commission.

The Charity Commission’s ‘Hallmark Standard’ for a well-run charity states:

"The charity is run by a clearly identifiable body of people who take responsibility, and are accountable, for controlling the charity so that it is economically and effectively run"

The Charity Commission last visited bpas in February 2002 to conduct a review of our aims, objectives and governance.

The Commission confirmed that the purpose of the organisation remains unchanged and remains loyal to its origins as a charity that was formed in 1968 and became incorporated as a company in 1984.

From the review visit, the Commission reported 11 examples of good practice at bpas in the area of trusteeship and governance. It also found that the organisation fosters a culture of internal scrutiny designed to increase its efficiency and the impact of its service.

Click here to view the Charity Commission website.

Registered Charity Number: 289145
Company limited by Guarantee (1803160)