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BPAS Healthcare Solutions

As well as being the UK's leading provider of abortion care, BPAS offers several other reproductive healthcare and diagnostic services on behalf of NHS CCGs.

We pioneer new developments and innovations in our field, and set the standard for good practice in this sensitive area of healthcare.

In the generation that has grown up since the Abortion Act 1967, new expectations and changed attitudes to abortion and sexual health have placed greater focus on BPAS work. The credibility and reliability attained by 40 years’ success has made us leaders in our field.

As a registered charity we are a not-for-profit organisation, so any surplus we generate are used to improve our [UK] service. Our clients for these healthcare and diagnostic services, including specialist booking services are mainly CCGs, NHS Trusts, GPs or groups of practices who commission our services on behalf of the NHS.

Our experience and expertise in our field means that we are usually the first port of call for advice and comment – from Government, media and international agencies.

40 years on from our formation the name BPAS is synonymous with a high-quality, innovative and professional service.

Within this area of the site you'll find detailed information on the services that BPAS offers and how to access them.