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bpas continues to be the UK’s largest single provider of abortion services, as well as providing other reproductive health services such as vasectomy, sexual health testing and treatment, contraception, specialist booking, telephone and online services.

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UK's premier abortion provider

bpas continues to be the UK’s leading provider of abortion services, caring for over 65,000 women with unwanted pregnancies each year as well as providing other reproductive health services such as vasectomy, some sexual health screening and family planning.

bpas was formed in 1968 after the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act. Collaboration with NHS dates back to the early 1970s and grew rapidly from the early 1990s.

bpas is a national organisation with a network of consultation centres, clinics and daycare units, at 60 locations in England, Scotland and Wales.

bpas is firmly positioned as a specialist NHS provider, whilst remaining committed to the provision of services for those women who choose to pay for their treatment.

bpas is at the forefront of developments in service delivery and abortion techniques, and is involved in forums in this country and internationally.

bpas supports the development of best practice for commissioning of both abortion and sexual health services.

bpas caseload, funded by the NHS, continues to increase year on year. This presents increasing opportunities for imaginative and innovative partnership arrangements to ensure the very best service provision for women seeking abortions via NHS funding.  

bpas has contracts with:

  • Commissioning Care Groups (CCGs)
  • Local Health Boards (LHBs - Wales)
  • Health Authorities (HAs - Scotland)
  • Ministry of Defence (National)
  • Other Third Sector Healthcare Providers 

    for the delivery of reproductive healthcare services.