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STI Services

bpas Healthcare, offers our service users the option of being tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections. This vital service helps support and inform services users to make the best possible choices.

We have developed this service in close partnership with The Courtyard Clinic at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust Department of Genito-Urinary Medicine to provide technical governance. This innovative collaboration allows us to deliver a range of confidential and non-judgemental services including:

  • advice, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infection
  • HIV testing and counselling, including same-day HIV testing
  • sexual health advice and information
  • a dedicated telephone results line
  • safer sex information
  • a designated under 18s clinic

Our dedicated team of nurses manage the STI Testing and Telephone Contraception Counselling services from the national contact centre. Confidentiality is of primary importance to our service users – particularly when we need to contact previous sexual partner(s) following an STI screen. This new independently branded STI Testing and Treatment service guarantees confidentiality at every stage, inspiring trust and reassurance in everyone we deal with.

Following testing for STI at an initial abortion consultation, the service user is notified as soon as possible by text, email, telephone or letter – whichever they prefer. When a positive result is received, the service user is contacted by our STI service and offered treatment either with bpas or a local GUM clinic as appropriate. We ensure that service users have the information needed to access treatment quickly and easily.

The whole programme is supported by an informative website and a full suite of independently branded stationery. The partner notification slip; which asks the recipient to contact us to assess the risk of the infection, does not give any clue that the person already tested has received abortion care. Contact for website access details.