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Collaboration with the NHS

Our relationship with the NHS has grown significantly over the last 20 years. In our 40th year and as the UK leading abortion services provider, we are proud to say we have a relationship with the majority of Primary Care Trusts in the country. This means that nearly 93% of women who come to us for a termination, are able to access a publicly funded abortion should they choose to.

Much of our service delivery model is built and tailored to the requirements of each organisation wishing to commission our services.

This ability to be flexible has been driven by belief and delivery of real choice for our clients, from both a business and patient perspective. Our varied portfolio of reproductive health services enables us to tailor a service model based on the needs of the client.

Commissioning a service with us is very simple. We are able to undertake the whole of your abortion requirements or design the service in such a way that would enable our elements to seamlessly deliver in line with any NHS or partner provider. This will enable you to deliver the health outcomes you require.

Examples of some of the service models in place are:

  • Client self referral, any gestation both consultation and treatment all undertaken on bpas premises.
  • GP/Family Planning referral over 12 weeks gestation treatment only (this model would compliment a local NHS provision which goes up to 12 weeks gestation).
  • GP referral to a bpas service which is delivered out of an NHS hospital (this model could be adapted to be delivered out of any approved premises.)

We are an expert provider of late gestation terminations, currently undertaking two thirds of all late terminations in the country.

Our clinical innovation has enabled the development of early medical abortions (EMA) in the UK. EMA remains to be an area of expertise for us and we are continuously refining and developing the service.

Importantly for Commissioners and Public Health directorate, the development of EMA has become a fundamental contributing factor to the achievement of Department of Health CHI (under 10 weeks) target.

Our standard of care and clinical governance processes go far and above the guidance of the RCOG and other governing bodies. Click here for more information on bpas' clinical governance. In addition the quality of our care and administration team sets us part from our competitors. We have a committed and loyal workforce, some of whom have been with us since our organisation began.

We produce useful statistics for our PCT partners and carefully measure and monitor our client satisfaction. Click here for more information on bpas' client satisfaction scores.