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bpas urges women to look at contraception needs before the festive season

Published 20 December 2005

bpas urges women to look at contraception needs before the festive season

As the holiday season draws nearer and Christmas parties are in full swing,bpas - UK's leading abortion provider - urges women to think about their contraceptive needs by buying emergency contraception in advance.  More people throw caution to the wind during the holiday season, which may lead to unprotected sex.  In 2005, abortions carried out in the UK bybpas increased in the first quarter by three per cent.

Ann Furedi,bpas Chief Executive says:

"Atbpas we are committed to offering women emergency contraception in advance of an emergency.  Due to reduced opening hours during the festive period it can be difficult for women to get any emergency contraceptive help.  This could also be one of the reasons why we see such a rise in abortions in the first part of the year.  Buying emergency contraception in advance will reduce stress levels experienced by women the morning after if contraception has failed or in the eventuality of unprotected sex."

Fewer than five per cent of women who use emergency contraception become pregnant.  It is estimated that emergency contraception prevents 75 per cent of pregnancies that would have begun if the method had not been used. 

Emergency contraception is available frombpas centres nationwide.  For further information call thebpasActionline on08457 30 40 30.  Abpas consultation and a pack of emergency contraception cost £15.


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