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BPAS Responds to new availability of contraceptive pill via remote prescribing

Published 21 June 2008

In response to the media discussion of new online services aimed at allowing women to receive the contraceptive pill via remote prescribing by doctors, Chris Plummer, BPAS’ Director of Service Delivery Strategy said today that:

‘Improved access to sexual health services is to be welcomed. Increasingly, busy people of all ages expect to access services through the internet. In our experience, Dr Thom’s service is trustworthy, and they should be applauded for piloting this innovative approach.  

‘We’re already in talks to provide online services to women, and we think that it could become a future model for partnership working with the NHS. It is critical to make contraception more available by the most accessible routes to those who need it. There’s nothing new or concerning about remote prescribing by a doctor, which has been used for some years now in other areas of healthcare.  

‘What have people got to gain by trying to hoodwink a doctor via this new system, when they can already get the same drugs at no charge through the NHS? Remote consultation and prescribing has inbuilt precautions to prevent abuse by patients. However, face-to-face consultations will always a major part to play in good sexual healthcare, because different approaches suit different people.

'At the end of the day, what’s important is that more women may now be able to access and use contraception.’ 


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More on Dr Thom's services is available here:

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