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bpas has over 40 years of experience in helping women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.  bpas provide more "abortion pill"(early medical) abortion treatments than any other healthcare provider in the UK.  bpas also provide two out of 3 abortion treatments at 23 weeks gestation in the UK.  So given that bpas are such a successful and established specialist healthcare provider – it’s somewhat surprising that so many people in the UK don’t seem to have heard of us  

Introducing bpas

Our 54 UK sites work together, to provide flexible and accessible consultation and treatment every day of the week.  Services include abortion consultation / medical assessment, STI screening, abortion treatment and contraception. In addition vasectomy services are provided from several locations.  A full choice of abortion treatment types is provided up to 24 weeks gestation, including medical, local and general anaesthetic surgical options to suit the individual preferences and clinical needs of the women we treat.  All our locations have been chosen for their excellent transport links or to work closely with the local NHS and provide treatment to NHS patients.  In fact over 93% of the women we see don't have to pay for their treatment, as it's funded by the NHS. 

But if you don't want to wait for an NHS referral…..women and men who want to access quality, affordable private abortion and vasectomy treatment services can book all bpas services direct with a call to 08457 30 40 30.  Click here for booking information.  

We pride ourselves on the high quality of care, empathy and support given to all our service users during consultation, treatment and aftercare.  We aim to make sure that each woman is given all the support she needs to come to a decision which she feels is right for her, whatever that choice may be. Our clients are always assured of a discreet and confidential service – which could go some way to explaining why bpas remains one of the UK’s best kept secrets.Click here to find your closest bpas centre