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bpas comment on "Lost Girls" report in today's Independent

Bpas chief executive Ann Furedi said:

"British Pregnancy Advisory Service provides a third of all abortions in the UK. It is not our experience that women from any specific community are seeking to abort girls. In this country women from Afghani, Pakistani, Nepalese and Indian backgrounds request abortion for the same reasons as women from England, Scotland and Wales, because they have a pregnancy they cannot cope with. Doctors can legally provide an abortion when they believe it is in the best interests of the woman.

It's dreadful for any woman to feel under pressure to bear a child of a particular sex, but there is no "war" on female foetuses in Britain. The claim is hugely insulting to both women and to immigrant communities. It is outrageous to suggest that women should be denied access to information about their pregnancy or abortion services because they cannot be trusted to make moral and responsible decisions. Where gender discrimination exists it must indeed be tackled, but certainly not in the form of further undermining women's rights."