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bpas comment on the “tampon tax” grant awarded to Life

It has emerged that the government has awarded anti-choice organisation Life a grant of £250,000 from the so-called Tampon Tax Fund – a fund which was supposedly ring-fenced by the government in 2016 for charities that work to improve the lives of vulnerable women and girls.

Bpas is therefore disappointed to see that one of the largest grants from the fund – £250,000 – was awarded to Life, an anti-choice organisation which actively campaigns for women’s access to safe, legal abortions to be withdrawn, and whose unregulated counselling services were found in a recent report to be misinforming women.

A bpas spokesperson said,

“It is quite extraordinary that the government would use a fund for women to fund an organisation committed to restricting women's choices. With so many women's organisations struggling to provide their services in the current climate it is appalling that this organisation should be the beneficiary of such a large sum. Life has an absolute right to campaign against abortion, but it is shocking that the tax on women's sanitary goods will support their ability to do so.”


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