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bpas response to APPG Pro-Life inquiry, Freedom of Conscience in Abortion Provision.

"We fully support the right of healthcare professionals not to provide abortion care if they conscientiously object to doing so. We believe women deserve better than to be treated by those who think what they are doing is wrong.  However we would ask the MPs behind this ‘inquiry’ to extend the same respect to the many doctors, nurses and midwives who have a conscientious commitment to providing abortion services, and the women who decide abortion is the right decision for them. They have a conscience too. We would like abortion to be removed from the criminal law altogether, for women to be free to make their own decisions about their own pregnancies, and for those healthcare professionals who wish to care for them to be able to do so without facing calls for prosecution by MPs opposed to what they do."


The full report by the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, Freedom of Conscience in Abortion Provision 
, is available online here.

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About bpas:

bpas is a charity which sees more than 70,000 women a year and provides reproductive healthcare services including pregnancy counselling, abortion care, miscarriage management and contraception, at clinics across the UK. It supports and advocates for reproductive choice. More information can be found at www.bpas.org