Coronavirus (COVID-19) essential information

Treatment is available at all gestations up to 24 weeks

Vasectomy Service Suspended - until further notice (21/09/20)

Clients found that they were unable to comply with the requirement to have a COVID test 72 hours before their vasectomy treatment appointment. With regret, we have had to suspend vasectomy treatment. We will keep the site updated as the situation changes.

Open as usual for abortion services

We offer abortion treatment pills-by-post for pregnancies up to 10 weeks gestation. This is only for women who live in England, Scotland, Wales and for some women in Northern Ireland.  Following a telephone consultation and all necessary checks - you can take abortion pill medications safely at home without visiting a clinic.  Even if your medication is delayed in the post by a couple of days, you should take the tablets as directed and they will still be effective, even if your pregnancy is slightly above 10 weeks' gestation.

Early medical abortion (the abortion pill) is the routine treatment option for all pregnancies up to 10 weeks' gestation providing it is suitable and safe. Don't worry if your gestation is over 10 weeks or that the abortion pill is not suitable or safe for you, we can still arrange treatment. Please don't delay contacting us about your treatment as we continue to offer medical and surgical abortion care at up to 24 weeks' gestation. Most NHS contracts allow you to make your own appointment without first contacting your GP - we can tell you if you are eligible when you call.

Your consultation and full medical assessment takes place with a nurse or midwife over the telephone.  The nurse will discuss your options and the reasons for your decision, your medical history and your treatment options. Following this discussion, we will either send your abortion pills by post or make an appointment for your treatment at one of our clinics.

We have reduced the number of times you need to visit the clinic, and the length of time you spend at clinic.

Where we have the space to allow for social distancing you will be allowed to bring someone with you to your appointment and you will need to wear a mask at all times in the clinic.  If you do not have a mask then we will provide you with one.  Please ask the nurse or midwife during your consultation if this will be possible at the clinic you will be treated at.

The use of telemedicine and sending abortion pills by post was only made possible since the government agreed to change the rules in response to the COIVD-19 situation.  Previously women were always required to take the first part of their abortion pill treatment in the clinic.

We are closely monitoring the advice from the World Health Organisation, NHS, Foreign Office and Government guidelines regarding the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Advice if you are attending a BPAS clinic in person

For safety, please do not attend your appointment at the clinic if: 

  • You have a NEW continuous cough
  • and or a high temperature (more than 37.8 degrees)

You will not be treated if you have these symptoms and you will be rebooked.

Any clients who develop symptoms of COVID must self-isolate for 10 days. If your appointment with us is within your 10 day isolation period, please call us to rebook. You will be asked to take an NHS test within 5 days of onset of symptoms, if this is negative you can be booked for treatment.

Please call us to rebook if your appointment is within 14 days of being in contact with someone suffering from COVID.

Visit NHS 111 online for more information and advice.

Like all other service organisations, we are providing a service with a daily reducing team. Please be assured we are doing everything possible to ensure you receive the care you need. Wait times might be longer than you expect.

Updated 27/08/2020

Quarantine Exemption 

Anyone arriving in the UK to attend for pre-arranged abortion treatment is still able to attend an appointment. You’ll need to complete the Public Health passenger locator form before you travel to the UK. You’ll be able to travel to and from your healthcare provider and the place you’re staying in the UK. You’ll otherwise be required to self-isolate.

Please see for full details. 

If you’re bringing a carer or care companion with you to the UK, they should show a letter from your care provider or their employer confirming that they’re providing care so they will also not need to self-isolate. Please note that unless the client attending for treatment is aged under 18, or needs a carer, their support person is not allowed inside the clinic. Please see for further information.

Updated 28/08/2020