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Please support our Ireland fund

Every year, thousands of women from Ireland travel for abortion care or seek pills online.
Every working day, around 12 women come to England for help, and 3 women who cannot travel request medication to take at home, risking criminal sanction.

Help us to help them. 

Women from Ireland in need of abortion care face a significant financial burden. After the costs of travel, abortion treatment itself can cost between €420 to €1550, and many women also have to pay for additional childcare or take unpaid days off work. This can leave some women with little choice but to seek abortion pills online. However, they do so at with the possibility of a 14 year prison term – the harshest penalty for unlawful abortion in Europe.

We hope the day will come when no woman has to get up in the middle of the night to leave her country for abortion care, or risk her liberty buying abortion medication online. But until that day comes, we will do all we can to help the women of Ireland.

Your donation will support:

  • Subsidised services for Irish women who are struggling to meet the cost of abortion treatment in England.
  • Our confidential, nurse-led telephone helpline for women who have used abortion medication obtained online and are concerned about their symptoms, or simply need reassurance.

Every donation will make a real difference to the care we are able to provide for women from Ireland.

There are several ways that you make a donation to help us:


 1   Using Paypal by clicking the button below:


2    Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving Click to donate via Virgin Money Giving


3    Send a cheque made payable to 'BPAS' to:

1st Floor
30-31 Furnival Street

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A declaration can be made which applies either to a single one-off donation, or for multiple donations  (including all future donations and donations made up to 4 years prior to the date of the declaration).