BPAS Resource Centre Help

How to register, log on and order

You need to register and log onto www.bpasresources.org before you can place an order.


You will complete the initial registration process just once. You will create a new account by entering your details in the dual purpose 'Login/Registration' page.   It saves time if you complete your address and full contact details at this stage.  You can have the same billing and delivery address (although we do not charge for postage or products). Once you have entered your details you will be sent an email confirming your registration and requesting that you click a hyperlink to complete the registration process.  This link expires after a while, so please check your spam filter if it does not arrive promptly.

Log on 

Insert your user name and password in the dual purpose 'Login/Register' page. You will proceed to your 'Account Details' page, where you can review and if necessary update your contact details accordingly. Start shopping by clicking on your preferred product group tab (the purple bar) in order to identify and choose your products.

Select products

Products are grouped in 4 categories as per the purple tabs:

  • Referral - includes referral forms, leaflets, posters and cards to help you refer patients.
  • Clinics - information to help patients locate our clinics.  Not every clinic will have an address card but all clinics are visible on www.bpas.org 'find a clinic' function.
  • Healthcare professionals - publications especially for those who work with young people in schools, colleges and youth clubs.
  • Young people - helpful resources for those who work with young people

Each product has an individual product screen which describes it in detail.  Products are available in various formats.  Some may be downloaded in PDF or word formats only.  Others may be ordered in printed hardcopy only.  Choose the desired format by clicking on the corresponding icon to the right of the product image on the individual product page. This transfers your chosen products to your 'Basket'. Carry on choosing products until you have everything you need.

Review your 'Basket'

Take care in this screen …..
• Always use the WHITE/GREY 'Update' button next to the chosen product to update your desired quantity.
• The RED 'Remove' button resets ALL product quantities to 1 (on every line!).

When you are happy with your selection and have checked the quantities, press the BLUE 'Checkout' button.


You will be prompted to insert your billing and shipping address from the dropdown if you have previously saved this detail when you registered or logged on. If you have not previously saved an address you will have to input one now. The billing and shipping addresses can be the same

Take a moment to review your order and press the BLUE 'Continue Checkout' button if it is in order. If you want to change anything you can go back to the previous pages update it accordingly (use the links to your 'Basket'  at the icon in top right portion of the web page, or use your browser undo button). 

You will proceed to the 'Confirm Sale' screen where you may check your order and press the BLUE 'Confirm Sale' button.

Compatibility issues affect Resource Centre visitors with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browsers which precede Version 8 - Unfortunately these issues cannot be addressed without compromising the security of user data.

If you struggle to place your order on www.bpasresources.org, you can always email to marketing@bpas.org instead - please make sure you provide all the information necessary for us to fulfil your order.