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MP accuses Government of ‘covering up abortion report’

Published 31 August 2005

MP accuses Government of ‘covering up abortion report’

Backbench MP David Davies MP (Monmouth)has claimed that the publication of a report by the Chief Medical Officer into allegations thatbpas enabled women to undergo late terminations in Spain to avoid the 24 week limit in the UK have been delayed as part of a coverup.

The report was ordered by former Health Minister John Reid when the allegation thatbpas was acting unlawfully was first made following an undercover investigation by the Sunday Telegraph last October.bpas has always strenuously denied the allegation claiming that there is nothing wrong in passing on details of clinics in countries where legal abortion can be provided at gestations later than in Britain.

David Davies the Conservative MP for Monmouth tabled a written question to the Health Department last month to ask where the report was only to be told that although the report had been received by Patricia Hewitt the Health Secretary, it would not be released until she had had time to "consider it." A further question enquiring as to when Ms Hewitt would consider the report met was not answered. An application made to see the report under the freedom of Information Act has also been rejected.

Mr Davies said in a press release: "If a publicly funded organisation is helping vulnerable women to avoid the British abortion laws then we have a right to know. We should also be told what the Government is doing to prevent illegal abortions from taking place.

The fact that they are deliberately withholding information on this matter suggests that they have decided to cover up for their friends in the BPAS instead of allowing the truth to emerge."

Ann Furedi, bpas chief executive said:  ‘We are just as frustrated as Mr Davies and just as eager to see the report published. bpas has always denied any wrongdoing and we are 100% confident that the report will confirm that we have always acted lawfully.’

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