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bpas opens a new abortion service in Swindon

Published 12 August 2005

bpas opens a new abortion service in Swindon

bpas – the UK’s leading abortion provider – is now licensed to provide an early medical abortion service in Swindon.

bpasis working with local Primary Care Trusts to provide a local early medical abortion service from September 2005 to alleviate the stress caused to women who have to travel far for an abortion and to cater for the demand for abortions in the region. 

The official statistics show that in 2004, 12,866 women from the South West had an abortion.bpas performed 92% of the abortions (more than 560) for women from Swindon and is the main abortion provider in the area.

Thebpasdaycare unit can be found on Dammas Lane (The Old Town) in its own premises and as well as providing abortion, it will continue to provide pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, Chlamydia screening and advice about unplanned pregnancies.  The daycare unit will be open 4 days a week with flexible appointments.

Karen Bradley,bpas Swindon unit manager said: “The licensing of this new daycare centre will allow women in the South West access to early abortions so they won’t have to travel far.  Once a woman decides that she wants an abortion she should be able to access the service as quickly as possible so as not to prolong her anxiety.  Once the clinic opens, women will be able to have appointments within a few days of calling our Actionline.

bpas staff are fully trained and non-judgemental.  The centre is informal and we aim to ensure that women feel comfortable while they are with us.  The most important thing is that women make an informed decision with all the information that she needs.bpas also offers provisional same day appointments which allows women to have treatment on the same day as their consultation.”

Clients can make confidential bookings via the bpas Actionline on 08457 30 40 30


Early medical abortion is a non-surgical procedure and involves the woman visiting the clinic on two separate occasions where she will be administered with drugs causing an early miscarriage

bpas, a registered charity since 1968, is the UK’s leading specialist abortion provider and carried out almost 50,000 abortions last year.  Almost 80 per cent of treatment carried out bybpas is under contract to the NHS.

bpas supports reproductive choice by advocating and providing high-quality affordable services for those who wish to prevent an unplanned pregnancy with contraception or end one by abortion.

bpaswas formally known as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service

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