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We recognise that abortion can be difficult and emotional for any woman. 

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How we can help you?

Your friend has chosen to confide in you about seeking abortion advice. She is showing that she trusts you, so if you can support her, it will help her to cope.

Understanding Unplanned Pregnancies and Abortion Options

However careful someone is with their sex life, contraception can fail, resulting in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. It may help to know that:

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  • Every year tens of thousands of couples face unplanned pregnancies.
  • Safe solutions are available.
  • Your friend must decide what is right for her without feeling under pressure.
  • Abortion is not uncommon – in the UK 1 woman in 3 will have an abortion at some time in their lives.
  • Abortion is legal in Britain if two doctors agree that certain conditions are met. These include carefully considering the effect the continuing pregnancy may have on the mental and physical health of the woman

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BPAS supports each woman's choice and trusts her to decide on what she wants to do about her pregnancy – whether that is abortion, adoption or parenting.