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Abortion services for women from Northern Ireland

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If you are from Republic of Ireland visit our Travelling from the Republic of Ireland page.


Northern Ireland Local Early Medical Services

If you are less than 20 (no more than 19 weeks and 6 days from the first day of your last period) weeks pregnant and want to access abortion services in Northern Ireland, BPAS are taking bookings for clients on behalf of the following Trusts:

  • Northern Trust - offers medical and surgical abortion (Vacuum aspiration) up to 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant
  • Belfast Trust - offers Early Medical Abortion and Manual Vacuum Aspiration up to 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant
  • South Eastern Trust - offers medical and surgical abortion (Vacuum aspiration) up to 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant
  • Southern Trust - offers medical and surgical abortion (Vacuum aspiration) up to 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant
  • Western Trust - offers Early Medical Abortion and surgical abortion (Vacuum aspiration) up to 11 Weeks and 6 days pregnant

From 3rd January 2024, abortion care will be available in Northern Ireland up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Surgical care over 12 weeks is provided through the regional surgical service.  All clients will be referred to their local Health trust in the first instance for triaging and consultation. If you require treatment at the regional surgical service you will be referred as appropriate

In order to refer you to the local service in Northern Ireland we are required to share some of your data with your local trust service. Completing a booking request either online or with the booking centre means you consent to us sharing your data.

Once you have submitted your booking request you will receive a call from your Trust provider,  usually within 5 working days of your appointment request, often it will be sooner. You also need to be aware that some Trusts will use a “Withheld” number to contact you, so please look out for that. If you cannot be reached by the Trust they will call you on several occasions. If you've not heard within 5 working days, please call the BPAS booking centre on 03457 30 40 30.

Online abortion pills

BPAS and your local health trust are unable to provide abortion pills in the post because of the Abortion Regulations that govern how healthcare providers work in Northern Ireland.

The World Health Organisation has said that Early Medical Abortion (EMA) medication is safe, even when taken outside a clinical setting. Similarly, these pills are currently provided in the post in the rest of the UK.

There are, however, risks associated with buying EMA medication online from unreliable sources - they may not arrive, or may not be a genuine product. Both Women on Web and Women Help Women provide genuine EMA medication, advice, and support to women around the world, including in Northern Ireland.

Book a consultation

Click here to book a consultation in Northern Ireland. The booking advisor will ask you for the following information.

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number, is it OK to leave a voicemail on this phone number?
  • Do you need an interpreter / translator for your appointment?

If you are not sure about your decision to proceed with abortion treatment you can book some pre-consultation counselling. You can refer yourself to:

  • Common Youth (if you are under the age of 18 years) or
  • Informing Choices NI or
  • BPAS - please let the booking advisor know you would like to have some additional pre-treatment counselling.

Your treatment is not dependent on you receiving counselling.


Medical Questions

Date of the first day of your last period

Your Address Details

  • Street
  • Address
  • Town or City
  • Postcode

GP practice name and postcode.

You will receive a call for consultation from your local trust Early Medical Service within 5 working days (Mon-Fri) or earlier, from your booking call. Note that the trust staff will access your electronic care record (NIECR) but not add any information to it.

Pregnancy more than 18 weeks 

If the gestation of your pregnancy is more than 18 weeks, you can access free abortion care in England. See information in the section below. 

Call the number below to make an appointment with a funded UK abortion provider (BPAS, MSI and NUPAS). You will be offered the most appropriate appointment based on your needs.


To make a booking call 0333 234 2184

To qualify for free care you must:

  1. reside in NI (with a BT postcode), and
  2. be registered with a NI GP (with a BT postcode).

You must supply the above detail to receive funded treatment (we will not contact your GP unless you say we can).

The travel expenses of all abortion care patients will be paid for.

Depending on clinical need, the following expenses may be met also:

  • your overnight accommodation
  • the travel and overnight accommodation of a companion

Useful links:

  • Nexus NI - Northern Ireland's 24 hour Domestic and Sexual Abuse helpline for male and female victims survivors, worried friends, family and professionals
  • Belfast Trust - Abortion information for Belfast Trust