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Advice and counselling

BPAS has been providing support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies for over 50 years. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the CQC, and are commissioned to provide woman-centred healthcare on behalf of the NHS.

We provide impartial, evidence-based advice and counselling. Our staff are highly-trained and experienced in providing information regarding:


Be careful...

Some organisations advertising free pregnancy testing and unplanned pregnancy counselling are strongly opposed to abortion. They often attempt to mislead women by presenting themselves as an organisation which provides information about abortion as well as the other options.

These organisations are sometimes called Crisis Pregnancy Centres. They will not discuss all the options available to you in an unbiased way. If they talk about abortion as an option at all, it may involve negative, unpleasant, un-evidenced or untrue claims, and statistics.

They may not tell you how to access abortion treatment. Before you make any pregnancy counselling appointments, we recommend that you ask the organisation whether they will be able to refer you for abortion treatment.

There is a list of registered Pregnancy Advice Bureaux on the Department of Health’s website. These have all met the Department of Health’s required standards on accurate and balanced information-giving, because they refer for abortion.

Essential information - Information about Covid-19 vaccines for women of reproductive age

Pregnancy options

The start of your care with us will begin with a discussion about your thoughts and feelings regarding the pregnancy.

This discussion can take place via the telephone or face-to-face, whichever you feel would be the most supportive for you. We will provide verbal and written information so that you can fully explore all the options available.

Everything you tell us will be confidential.

The decision about what to do, will be yours and the discussion can be as short or as long as you need it to be.

What are my options?

Before an abortion

Following the initial pregnancy options discussion, if you are unsure of your decision regarding the pregnancy, we will offer you another appointment to talk your options through further. This appointment can take place over the telephone or face-to-face, whichever you prefer. A face-to-face discussion will take place at one of our clinics.

Abortion treatment options

We will talk to you about what treatment options are available to you based on how many the pregnancy is and your medical suitability.

After an abortion

VIDEO: Post abortion counselling

Each woman will experience different feelings after an abortion and will deal with it in different ways. Many women don't feel the need to talk after their abortion. For some women it's useful to talk through their emotions following their treatment. If you feel it might help you to talk with us, you can arrange to have counselling over the telephone or at one of our clinics. This service is free to BPAS clients.

Please call 03457 30 40 30 to find your nearest clinic, or to book an appointment.

You may see post-abortion support services advertised on the internet and in phone books. Some of these ‘support’ services are aimed at promoting the view of an organisation, rather than helping you within your own situation.

We recommend that you approach an organisation on the Department of Health list or your GP for advice on getting the most appropriate source of support in your area.