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Meet the staff

It's more than 50 years since BPAS first opened its doors. Come and meet the staff caring for women every day. 

I am a midwife and I work in abortion care because all pregnant women deserve safe and compassionate treatment.

Amy, Midwife Practitioner

Speaking to patients, you find out just how much it means to them, being able to have an appointment in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It's really reassuring for them.

Rachel, Doctor

I have only been with BPAS for four months and I feel comfortable and happy, which means a lot for a someone like me who is passionate about women’s health.

Tshaka, Treatment Unit Manager

To work with women who need our help in such a tough time of their lives, for whatever that reason is that has led them to our service, is a privilege.

Debbie, Lead Nurse

Women come to us at a really difficult time in their life, and sometimes they don’t see a way out of that. And I think we can explain what their options are, and explain the whole scenario to them step by step, which means there is light and the end of the tunnel.

Jan, Regional Nurse for the North

Working for bpas over the last two years has been very rewarding. It feels great to know that you are helping people.

Holly, Admin Assistant

Every single client is different, and our clients don’t take the decision lightly to ring up and say ‘I want an abortion’. So I think it’s about not judging. Absolutely don’t judge, because you just don’t know people’s circumstances.

Sabby, Head of Booking and Information Centre

Our service means that women have a choice, and once they’ve taken that choice they have people who are going to treat them well, who are going to be compassionate, who will feel empathy, and who will lead them through this whole process in a very humane fashion.

Marco, Doctor

We are both so proud to be able to provide support for women at such a vulnerable time.

Abi, Midwife Practitioner and Amanda, Client Care Coordinator

From contraception to abortion to choices in childbirth, all our advocacy work is rooted in the belief that women should be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies and their own lives. That’s why I am proud to work for bpas.

Katherine, Head of Media and Policy Research

I support women because I believe that having a child should be an informed choice.

Shelley, Treatment Unit Manager

I could not be more proud to work for bpas, because women’s care is at the heart of everything we do.

Olivia, Press and Campaigns Officer

bpas provides a much needed service in a safe, regulated and caring environment. I couldn’t image living in a country where women did not have access to abortion care as part of their everyday health service.

Darren, Treatment Unit Manager

100% pro-choice, 100% client focused… that’s the reason I have enjoyed working at bpas for 22 years

Paula, Treatment Unit Manager

Women need safe, non-judgemental, confidential services in order to make informed decisions. I have worked at bpas for many years and I'm proud to be part of an organisation that puts women first.

Marguerite, Area Manager for London

Working for an organisation that provides non-judgmental care, and providing the kind of service that we do at bpas, is extremely important. We’re here to support women through this difficult journey that it can be for some of them.

Michael, Director of Nursing

I’ve been at bpas just over a month and I’ve had the warmest welcome possible from everyone. Fab team to work with!

Abbie, Admin Assistant

bpas is such a unique environment to work in, every department is full of dedicated, passionate people all committed to providing women with the highest quality service

Rosie, Fundraising Officer

50 years of choice for women… Fantastic.

Dorothy, Midwife Practitioner

My 20 years at bpas have been a privilege to enable women to have the confidence to say what's right for them. Our non-judgemental compassion enables the freedom to make their own informed decision.

Emma, Area Manager for the South West

It is so rewarding working for women who need us.

Julia, Client Care Coordinator

I am proud to work for bpas because I believe in a woman's fundamental right to autonomy over her own body. BPAS not only provides excellent clinical care, but also has a wider purpose of informing the public and policy makers on reproductive health issues and encouraging research in this area in order to improve women's lives.

Andrea, Nurse Practitioner

I have worked with bpas for 30 years this year - half my life! I think it has made me a better person. Starting off as a counsellor, then managing staff - with all the training I've been given, I hope it's made me less selfish and more thoughtful. My husband may disagree…

Annette, Treatment Unit Manager

I love working for BPAS because of the variety in my role and the family environment. The many comments we receive from women about our friendly, non-judgemental and caring staff make me very proud.

Karen, Development Manager

It is a privilege to work for an organisation at the forefront of pro-choice advocacy in the UK. I take so much pride in being part of the compassionate, high standard of care bpas provides to so many types of people of all backgrounds, and I love being part of such a supportive and friendly team!

Megan, Booking & Information Centre

I love working for bpas as I get to care for women who really appreciate what we do. It upsets me at times when women are 'pleasantly surprised' by how nice we are. Women deserve good care, especially when seeking an abortion, as only that individual knows what is right for them.

Romaine, Nurse & Midwife Practitioner