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BPAS is the UK's leading abortion care charity - specialists in safe, confidential, high-quality abortion treatment for more than 50 years.

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“I found everyone really supportive, and I felt throughout that I wasn’t being judged by my decision but helped through the process which really made the treatment easier. Thank you again for the work you do, it really does have a positive effect on individuals who go through this treatment.”
BPAS client

BPAS has been providing services to the NHS for over 50 years. We are commissioned to provide services by the Integrated Care Boards within England. We also work with all the Health Boards in Scotland and Wales and continue to support women from Northern Ireland.  

Governance and quality assurance is at the heart of our service provision. The safety and welfare of children, young people and adults at risk is of paramount importance to BPAS and we recognise the statutory duty to ensure that all clients are adequately safeguarded. This includes safeguarding the wider family and those around the client, whether an abortion is completed or not.

We are proud of how we worked with our NHS colleagues to ensure the introduction of Pills by Post was successful throughout the UK. This change in regulation, which was driven by our advocacy and research teams, enabled BPAS to provide telemedical abortion to clients in the early stages of their pregnancy. Telemedicine provides accessible, safe, and effective abortion care, and enables us to support some of the most vulnerable clients who were previously unable to access in-clinic care. 

Telemedical early abortion care has further enhanced our service delivery, adding more  flexibility for clients. We are committed to delivering real local choice and high-quality care for our clients while also providing excellent value to our commissioners.  

Examples of additional services BPAS can offer: 

  • We are an expert provider of late gestation terminations, currently undertaking two thirds of all late terminations in the country. 
  • We also provide specialist surgical Termination of Pregnancy for Foetal Anomaly in conjunction with multiple local trusts throughout the country.  
  • We provide sensitive, compassionate miscarriage management up to 12 weeks gestation.
  • We collaborate with Women’s Health Hubs to ensure client's can access one-stop holistic services.
  • We can offer standalone contraception services and have recently launched the BPAS Mobile clinic to support local access.
“The BPAS mobile clinic has been a valued intervention to reduce the local LARC waiting lists. It is also an example of collaborative working across organisations."
Sue Burridge, Vice Chair of English HIV and Sexual Health Commissioners’ Group (EHSHCG)

If you are interested in discovering how BPAS can work with your organisation or to discuss your commissioning requirements, please email development@bpas.org or call 07710 735475.