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Considering abortion?

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If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you are not alone.

Midwife holding clients hand

1 in 3 UK women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

We help thousands of women with unplanned pregnancy counselling, and abortion treatment every year. We can help you too. We make sure that you have enough support to help you decide if abortionadoption or parenting is right for you.

Most women we see are sure they want a termination and don’t need counselling – we make sure they are treated quickly, safely and conveniently.

Other women are undecided about their next step, they want to talk about their pregnancy so we offer them counselling. 10-15% of women who come to us decide to continue with their pregnancy.

Most women we see have their care paid for by the NHS.

I just wanted to thank you for arranging a speedy appointment today. Talking to you on that phone call yesterday instantly calmed me for the first time all week, I felt like I could breathe and think clearly. I felt you genuinely cared and went the extra mile & for that I'm so grateful.
BPAS client