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Infection control policies and procedures

We are fully committed to the prevention and control of infection. All independent healthcare organisations are required to have systems in place to ensure that the risk of infection to patients is minimised. We have an infection control committee, which is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for the prevention and control of infection and providing an infection control service to the organisation.

The Infection Control Specialist Nurse employed at BPAS has received specialist training in infection control and by using risk assessment, audit, interventions and education they provide the organisation with expert, highly specialised, clinical advice on all matters relating to infection control.

The Infection Control Specialist Nurse also writes and regularly reviews the policies and guidance pertaining to Infection Control across BPAS.

Our Clostridium difficile and MRSA blood stream infection rates remain at zero.

If you have any issues related to Infection Control and you would like to talk to a member of the Infection Control Team you can call them on 01789 265061.


BPAS is registered with Monitor and is listed on the register of Monitor licence holders (other healthcare providers).