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Funded abortion treatment for women

from Northern Ireland

We are delighted that the government has agreed to pay for the cost of abortion care for women from Northern Ireland (NI). BPAS will no longer charge women from NI for consultation or treatment. This is effective immediately.

To qualify for free care you must:
1. reside in NI (with a BT postcode), and
2. be registered with a NI GP (with a BT postcode).

You will need to supply the above detail in order to receive funded treatment (we will not contact your GP unless you say we can). 

To make a booking call 03457 30 40 30

Please mention when booking if it is difficult for you to fund the cost of your travel and accommodation (and possibly those of a parent, guardian or carer).  We will assess whether you are eligible for help with these expenses.

This represents great progress, but there remains more to accomplish. Because women from NI are still forced to travel, we will continue to fight until they can attend abortion services in their own country.

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