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Who to bring with you


In order to further support the social distancing measures introduced by the Prime Minister to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, we are taking the following actions in order to minimise the number of people that our staff and clients come into contact with:

  • Unless you are under the age of 18 years or need a carer, your support person will not be allowed to enter the clinic. You will need to advise your support person of the time you can be collected.
  • Where we need to provide clinical information at discharge after conscious sedation or general anaesthetic to your support person, we will telephone them while you are with us on speaker phone so you are both able to hear the instructions and information.


There are no facilities for children so please make arrangements for childcare. However, if that is difficult for you please inform the advisor when booking the appointment. 

Whoever accompanies you will need to be patient while we carry out all the checks and medical tests needed during your appointment(s). We need to be sure that your treatment is carried out professionally, safely and within the law. You will see lots of different BPAS healthcare and other staff while you are with us and you can rejoin your partner, friend or relative in between each stage of this process.

The time that you will stay in the clinic depends on the type of appointment you have been booked in for. See What to expect on the day for more detail.

If you are having a surgical treatment under sedation or general anaesthetic (asleep), it is advisable to have someone to take you home. You must not drive yourself home

If you are under 16
Our staff will talk to you to make sure you are fully aware of what's involved with an abortion. If you are sure it’s what you want to do and you understand the procedure and everything that may happen, you can agree to the abortion yourself.

You will need an adult (over 18) to escort you home after treatment. You can choose a female adult to stay with you throughout your appointment with us. They can be with you until you go into theatre if you are having surgery under general anaesthetic (asleep). If you are having surgery under local anaesthetic (awake) they may be able to stay with you during the surgery – ask your nurse.