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Your scan appointment

Based on the answers you gave when you requested an appointment for treatment, we need to scan your pregnancy before your telephone consultation.

Your scan may be with Ultrasound Direct or BPAS.

Why do I need a scan?

We can plan your treatment safely and with more accuracy when we are certain about the gestation, location and viability of your pregnancy.  This means we can have a productive discussion about your personal treatment needs which speeds up treatment and enables us to provide you with a much better service.

How will this affect my treatment pathway?

The advisor has booked two initial appointments for you – one for a scan and one for consultation (and a third appointment for counselling if required). During telephone consultation (or possibly before) the Nurse or Midwife will explain your treatment pathway.

Do I have to see the scan?

You will not have to see the scan. Ultrasound Direct run separate clinics for BPAS clients and will remove any inappropriate materials from their spaces before BPAS sessions. 

Why Ultrasound Direct?

We expect that partnering with Ultrasound direct will reduce waiting times and improve your treatment journey.  There are many reasons why we chose to partner with Ultrasound Direct (USD) and the quality and reliability of their service has certainly affected our decision to work with them.  Ultrasound Direct have 85 clinics nationwide and employ more than 250 qualified and registered sonographers with experience of providing specialist pregnancy scanning.  USD are registered with the Care Quality Commissioner (CQC), use high resolution ultrasound equipment, and undertake routine Quality Assurance. They have experience scanning clients presenting with pregnancies they may wish to terminate or continue, or who may have complications (like ectopic pregnancy).

For more information about USD go to their web site: www.ultrasound-direct.com