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You went very much out of your way and provided a service that I certainly didn't expect. At the very worst time of this client's life you gave the very best service.
The lengths that BPAS staff went to in highlighting all the options available to my client, resulted in her making a positive choice about her pregnancy, rather than feeling that she had no control or choice.
Having thoroughly considered all applications, the tender panel were unanimously of the view to award the contract to BPAS for reasons of cost, quality, patient choice, location, alignment with the PCT's strategy and enhanced partnership working.
Having the support and attendance from a BPAS representative at our countywide Sexual Health Network meetings provides us with valued insight into termination services and the needs of women living in Hertfordshire. This close working relationship has helped the development of integrated care pathways, with a particular emphasis on supporting those under 25 years of age.
Health Improvement lead for Sexual Health

Case Studies
Liverpool Women's Hospital

Liverpool Women's Hospital wanted to provide a high-quality service for their clients but did not have sufficient capacity to meet existing demand. Working in partnership with BPAS, the hospital arranged to undertake treatment themselves up to 16 weeks, with the additional facility for direct booking with BPAS in cases where there was a wait of more than seven days for treatment or when the client was over 16 weeks pregnant.

We quickly realised that one of the challenges of a split facility might be duplication within the consultation process. To improve the customer experience this needed to be streamlined, and we achieved greater efficiency by eliminating the client's second consultation, so that they did not need to give the same information to two different providers.

Clients could now feel that they were effectively dealing with one organisation, without the burdens of unnecessary bureaucracy at what is already a stressful time for them.

North Middlesex Hospital

The PCT wanted a more local service, so BPAS worked with the PCT and North Middlesex hospital to a provide a service on a Saturday from their Day Surgery Unit. BPAS is present from 8am every week and sees a list of nearly 40 clients. The hospital provides support services including pharmacy, catering and laundry, keeping costs low.

Delivering the service on site at the hospital means that BPAS has the support of the necessary acute services - and at a vulnerable time for the client there is the convenience and security of attending a familiar hospital, right on their doorstep.

BPAS' flexibility meant that a reactive and cost-effective solution to a client's problem could be found - and the PCT knows that their women are receiving a high quality service, based on 40 years’ experience.

Coventry PCT

BPAS has many long-standing contractual arrangements with PCTs and has often supported them in achieving ambitious government targets for sexual health services. Coventry PCT had been trying to meet its targets including a reduction in teenage pregnancies. BPAS designed a Young Persons Contraception Service based on the needs of the local community, ensuring accessibility through appropriate opening times and maximising links with other agencies in the field.

The service was specifically created to meet local needs and offers emergency contraception and early access to abortion. It is now included in the PCT's Under 25 Chlamydia Screening Programme as a designated test site with data being fed back directly to the PCT.

Coventry PCT had confidence in BPAS as its chosen provider and knew that our work in bringing together all the stakeholder agencies meant that the project's goals were jointly owned and agreed.


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