What we stand for

We support pregnancy choices and trust women to decide for themselves.

We treat all clients with respect and provide confidential, non-judgmental and safe services.

We believe that:

  • Currently available methods of contraception cannot prevent all unintended pregnancies and that legal abortion is necessary if women are to regulate their fertility.
  • Contraception and legal abortion are an essential part of health care and should be freely available to all women through a publicly funded NHS.
  • Reproductive health services offered by specialist agencies such as ours, are an essential supplement to the NHS if all women with unwanted pregnancies are to have early access to specialist care.

We exist to:

  • Provide support and care for women seeking legal abortion.
  • Inform and educate policy makers, opinion formers, the media and the public on issues relating to unwanted pregnancy.
  • Deliver contraceptive advice and care, including vasectomy and emergency contraception in collaboration with existing NHS services.
  • Promote and encourage research, and the advancement of science and understanding, in matters concerning the regulation of fertility.
  • Advocate the need for safe legal abortion.

We aim to:

  • Provide inclusive, reproductive health care services that are responsive to the needs of everyone who wishes to use them.
  • Promote the development of services that are accessible, effective, safe and confidential.
  • Safeguard individual freedom and moral autonomy in making reproductive choices.
  • Use our experience of abortion provision to contribute to the collective knowledge of those who provide reproductive healthcare.