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What our abortion clients say


“The care I received was outstanding. The staff were so empathetic and caring. Thank you all so much." - May 2020

"Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at the clinic for making me feel as comfortable as possible. I was super nervous but everyone was so kind and understanding it really helped me get through what could’ve been a traumatic experience. Thank you so much! ” - January 2020

“Having an abortion is never going to be a nice process, but I can't thank all the staff at the clinic enough for making me feel so comfortable and welcome whilst I was there. I can't put into words how much it helps to have supportive and friendly staff in the clinic (as I had originally planned to have my treatment elsewhere but left after feeling very judged & uncomfortable), but the staff at Richmond were absolutely incredible in making me feel comfortable the whole time I was there. Especially with the pressures everyone has been facing with the Covid-19 pandemic, I truly cannot recommend BPAS Richmond enough.” - March 2020

“I would like to provide some feedback from my recent treatment at your Middlesbrough centre. I visited the Middlesbrough BPAS centre in January and received treatment. When I came back for my check up I was seen by the Lead Nurse, Lesley. Unfortunately I had some complications. Lesley remained calm throughout and treat me with dignity and compassion. This was a really anxious situation for me, but Lesley talked me through everything and made sure that I was safe to go home and offered me lots of guidance and advice for my home care. This put me at ease and meant that I was able to leave feeling better about the situation and prepared for any possible outcomes. I have been back a few times for additional check ups and have now been discharged today. At each check up, Lesley made me feel supported and ensured that my anxiety around the whole situation were minimised. Lesley's care and compassion for her patients is clear to see. Lesley genuinely cares about her patients, is understanding and non judgmental, it made me feel extremely lucky to be able to have her as my nurse through this journey. At today’s appointment I spoke to Lesley about a number of my anxieties and again she was caring and compassionate with me. Given the current situation, Lesley still remained calm and professional. I only wish I could have hugged her to show her how much I have appreciated her support and care over the last 2 months. I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks and will no longer view termination as a negative experience and that is mainly down to the care I received from Lesley. You have an AMAZING staff member in Lesley and I would be grateful if this could be passed onto Lesley’s line manager." - March 2020

“Due to the current circumstances (covid-19) my appointment was by phone and I spoke to the most amazing nurse call Wendy. She didn't pass any judgement when I was talking to her and she understood the reasons for the decision we were making.  She was supportive through the whole call. She went through the medical questionnaire and explained that I was eligible for a medical termination and that it could be done at home, with the tablets being sent through the post. She explained everything in detail. I can't praise her or your organisation enough. Making the decision to termiate is a difficult one, however, the staff at your organisation made me feel at peace with what I was doing, especailly in the current climate. Please keep up the good work.” - May 2020

“After feeling nervous already for my procedure. The team was absolutely brilliant! They made a not very nice situation into a extremely comfortable one. Very supporting and caring. Amazing service! ” - May 2020

“Lovely staff - I was really emotional before and during the whole day but I’ve never met anyone as kind as the staff were here. Before coming I thought nothing could make this day any less painful but the staff made me feel safe and comfortable and cared for at all times. Thank you so much to everyone that works there, I will always be so grateful for your kindness. ” - June 2020

“The most amazing people I have ever met. From the moment I stepped into this clinic at 8am to the moment I left at 6pm I can’t thank these amazing hard working doctors and nurses enough for their support. It was a very emotional journey and everyone here at bpas richmond made it easier! The surgeon who’s name I don’t remember was extremely caring and very lovely he was very special and really helped me through my time in theatre. I can’t begin to talk about the amazing nurses upstairs who looked aftered me while I was unwell in pain, constantly checking up on me and making sure my observations were okay and also talking to me about my journey and emotions and helping me with everything. If you’re thinking of having a surgical treatment and don’t know where to attend I highly suggest you book it at Richmond because you’ll never ever forget the support and love you get from the staff. I feel emotional writing this review because I actually didn’t want to leave their safe hands I have never felt this way before in any other nhs setting! ” - June 2020

“I just wanted to send a massive thank you to all the team at the finsbury park clinic from *th June. They were all so nice, calm and considerate. I was so nervous on the day (especially considering I was alone) and all of the team treated me so well. They talked me through everything that was happening/going to happen. They all seem so well trained in their roles and in general customer service, but also seem genuinely friendly.”  - June 2020

“Thank you  - I have emetophobia linked to PTSD along with generalised anxiety and as you can imagine I was a complete mess by the time I reached the clinic for my early surgical abortion. In the end I had to make the decision to visit another clinic in a few days time but the midwife and Councillor that helped me were truly amazing. They didn't make me feel silly and ensured I didn't blame myself for my anxiety. They went above and beyond in making me feel understood and respected. Thank you.” - July 2020

"Thank you - For several reasons this was a particularly scary and hard day but was made so much easier by the care and professionalism of the staff. They went above and beyond to look after me, reassure me and make me feel at ease. Thank you doesn't come close." - July 2020

"Amazing people  - I had a surgery at the Liverpool clinic early this year, I can’t thank the staff enough they are all soo warm and friendly, you are not judged for being there. They are all so kind and lovely from the nurses to the surgeon, the look after you like they care. From the minute I walked in till I got to the recovery room I was treat with dignity. Even got a hug from one of the nurses. Thank you all so much." - July 2020

"On the *th may I discovered I was pregnant. After a long discussion with my partner we both decided we wanted a termination. So I was referred to BPAS for a medical assessment. At the assessment I had an ultrasound which confirmed I was 27 weeks pregnant and unable to have a termination. Having had no symptoms and faced with the news I would be mother in the less than 3 months time, I immediately went into shock and had a panic attack. The staff did an incredible job of calming me down. The counsellor must of spent a good hour listening to my feelings and worries and somehow I left with a smile on my face and the determination to be the best parent I could be to my child. It's not been an easy month. Struggling financially, stressful and invasive medical appointments, dealing with housing and work, and my own mental health, but the advice and kind words from the BPAS staff is keeping my spirits up and helping me through. And we are pleased to say we are expecting a healthy baby boy on August *th. So thank you to the amazingly skilled, dedicated and compassionate staff at BPAS London East for helping me through this testing time and giving me the drive to carry on. You are all wonderful." - June 2015