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bpas comment on BMJ open access article: "Self-Reported Outcomes and Adverse Events Following Medical Abortion via Online Telemedicine: A Population-based Study in Ireland and Northern Ireland"

Clare Murphy, Director of External Affairs at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said:  

“This study shows that medical abortion with online support can be performed safely and successfully at home, and indeed is considerably safer than continuing a pregnancy to term. Organisations like Women on Web supply the same safe, high quality medications that women would receive if they came to bpas. The greatest risk women face when using online pills in this way is not a medical one, but a legal one. In recent years we have seen women in Northern Ireland dragged before the courts for using online pills because they have no access to a lawful service at home. Illegal abortion carries the threat of life imprisonment for women.  However safe and effective online services can be for women in countries where abortion is illegal, ultimately what women need is a legal, local service.

“Even in the rest of the UK where abortion is lawfully available, women are increasingly looking to online sources for abortion pills, not least because our current abortion laws can make in-clinic access difficult for some women. bpas would like to see abortion taken out of the criminal law across the UK and regulated in the same robust way as all other healthcare procedures. Women could then safely use this medication at home if they preferred, once prescribed by a medical practitioner, with access to appropriate support.”



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