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bpas comment on so-called 'fertility' drip


GetADrip have now confirmed that they have removed the 'fertility' drip from sale. In response to this development, bpas spokesperson Katherine O'Brien said:

"We welcome the decision by GetADrip to withdraw their “fertility” product. This is a product lacking any evidence base, pitched at an exploitative price and playing on the fears and anxieties of women who may be struggling to conceive. GetADrip has a responsibility to be open and honest with their customers, which clearly has not been the case. We understand regulatory bodies are looking into these kind of products and hope these companies and their offers can be properly monitored going forward."


In response to the sale for £250 of a so-called 'fertility' drip, bpas spokesperson Katherine O'Brien said:

"Earlier this year, the HFEA released new guidance cautioning IVF clinics about the sale of clinically unproven “add ons” to fertility treatment. Unfortunately, it appears that unscrupulous practices designed to exploit vulnerable women have moved from clinics to our high street, with very little oversight or scrutiny. It is unclear how these “treatments” are being regulated, if at all.

"Women who are struggling to conceive often feel a huge amount of guilt, and NHS-funded fertility treatments are becoming increasingly difficult to access. As a result, women are particularly vulnerable to snakeoil salesmen who seem to promise a quick fix at an extortionate cost.

"There is no evidence that an IV drip of any combination of vitamins can improve a woman’s fertility. Indeed, the fact that the advertising does not list any actual benefits for women’s reproductive health suggests Get A Drip know that there are none. In promising hope to women at a very desperate time, we are concerned that aside from providing no real benefit, these drips may be causing real damage to women’s emotional wellbeing. If Westfield and Boxpark care about their customers, they would not allow these practices to take place on their properties."


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