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bpas comment on Sunday Times report of Government preparing to re-instate telemedicine for Early Medical Abortion

In light of the Sunday Times report that Government is preparing to re-instate telemedicine for Early Medical Abortion in the wake of dozens of leading public health experts call for urgent action in an open letter to Secretary of State Matt Hancock, Dr Patricia Lohr, Medical Director at bpas, said:

“We welcome the report that the Government is preparing to reinstate telemedicine for early abortion care but we need clarity as this service must be made available to women as soon as possible. Many women with unwanted pregnancies are currently unable to leave their homes or are having to travel across the country to access care as services buckle, putting themselves and those they come into contact with at needless risk. Every day of delay forces hundreds of women from their homes, including those with underlying health conditions. We can provide treatment to these women safely in their homes but only the Secretary of State has the power to authorise this. We are extremely grateful to the dozens of leaders in public health who made their voices heard on this crucial issue in women’s health at a time of national crisis. Women need help and they need it now.”


Notes to Editors

The open letter to Matt Hancock signed by dozens of Public Health professionals can be found here.

For more information, please call 07788 725 185 or email press@bpas.org

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BPAS is a charity which sees almost 100,000 women a year for reproductive healthcare services including pregnancy counselling, abortion care, miscarriage management and contraception, at clinics across the UK. It supports and advocates for reproductive choice. BPAS also runs the Centre for Reproductive Research and Communication, which seeks to develop and deliver a research agenda that furthers women’s access to evidence-based reproductive healthcare, driven by an understanding of women’s perspectives and needs. You can find out more here: www.bpas.org/get-involved/centre-for-reproductive-research-communication/