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bpas comment on today’s calls to amend the current egg storage time limit

Clare Murphy, Director of External Affairs at bpas, said:

“We support the calls from Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Fertility Society to amend the current egg storage time limit. The law as it stands is widely out-of-step with technological advances and improvements in success rates with egg freezing, and the arbitrary 10-year time limit restricts the ability of women and their partners to make decisions on the basis of their own personal circumstances. We look forward to seeing the government’s response to their current consultation on the law, and trust that the views of medical bodies and those affected by the current restrictions will be at the heart of government plans.

“Egg freezing sadly remains prohibitively expensive and will therefore only be an option for a small minority of women, and advances in fertility treatments should not be viewed as a panacea for the difficulties faced by those who wish to become a parent. Our research has found that the rising cost of raising a child and concerns about the ability to combine paid employment with motherhood can act as a real barrier for those who wish to start a family. Extending the egg storage limit would be a step forward, but we need to see meaningful public policy changes, including extending access to three rounds of NHS-funded IVF in line with NICE guidance, to support all couples to have children at the time that is right for them.”


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