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bpas comment on US-based General Social Survey

Clare Murphy, bpas Director of External Affairs, commented

"This fascinating survey illustrates some of the disconnect between the widespread perception we live in a highly sexualised society where people are routinely using new platforms to find new sexual partners, and the reality of people’s lives. In the UK, teenage pregnancy has declined dramatically in recent years – and this may well be the consequence of reduced sexual activity, as well as better education in sexual health and access to contraceptive services.   The fact that young people may wait longer to leave the parental home because of financial instability and the cost of housing may also mean opportunities for sexual contact are more limited, and this trend is only set to continue in the current climate. Alcohol consumption, the fuel of many sexual encounters, has also fallen dramatically among younger age groups. The trends identified in this study may well be mirrored in the UK, and more research in this area would help us better understand changing patterns of behaviour among young adults."


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