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bpas comment on USA contraception statistics

According to a recent survey conducted in the USA by PerryUndem, 52 percent of men say they haven’t benefited from women having affordable birth control.

Katherine O’Brien, Head of Media and Policy Research at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, said:

“That 52% of men surveyed felt that they have experienced no benefit from women being able to access affordable birth control is quite frankly baffling. Of course men benefit, just as women do, from the ability to plan their families and ensure that every sexual encounter does not result in a pregnancy.

 “More than that, access to affordable contraception has been inextricably linked to the progress we have made towards gender equality. Without the contraception revolution of the 1960s, women would not be able to pursue education and careers, and indeed men would not be able to play the role in family life that they do today. Contraception has changed our lives and our societies for the better. It is astonishing that so many men do not recognise that.”


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