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bpas comments on not guilty verdict against protesters from “Abort67”

The case against the protesters outside our Brighton clinic was not brought by bpas, and we had no involvement in the prosecution of these people. bpas does not take a position on the legality of what these people do - we question the morality of their actions. We are very supportive of people’s right to freedom of speech, and we are always keen to debate and defend the services we provide and why women need them. However what takes place on a regular basis outside our clinic is not about debate or changing public opinion – it is simply about causing distress to individual women on what may already be a difficult day.

The number of women undergoing abortion treatment at our Brighton clinic has not changed since the protesters first arrived two years ago, but the proportion of abortions taking place at later gestations has increased. We know there are some women who simply feel unable to make their way past the line of protesters on the days they are there – these women do not decide against abortion, they simply come back at a later date for treatment at a later gestation.