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BPAS statement on calls for counter protests

Thank you so much for your support for BPAS’ ‘Back Off’ campaign. Every person who has emailed their MP and offered their help is making a real difference. Politicians are beginning to get involved. 

We completely understand wanting to challenge Abort67 outside clinics and the amazing woman in Sunny Hundal’s video outside BPAS Blackfriars was truly inspiring. However, there is a difference between a passerby taking them on and a planned counter protest.  In the past pro-choice campaigners have inadvertently inflamed the situation by increasing the number of people outside clinics and creating a hostile environment. The space outside clinics must not become a battleground. All pro-choice people want to protect women and the best way to do that is to ensure this issue gets on the political agenda.

We are getting close to some action on this - let’s keep up the pressure on those in power. #BackOff will succeed and together we will make sure British women can access abortion free from intimidation and harassment. Thank you.