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The BPAS Board of Trustees has appointed Clare Murphy as the charity’s next Chief Executive

The BPAS Board of Trustees has appointed Clare Murphy as the charity’s next Chief Executive following the retirement of Ann Furedi after 17 years at the helm in December 2020.

Clare is currently a Deputy Chief Executive at BPAS where she has been closely involved in setting the organisation’s strategic vision.  She has overseen the development of BPAS’ highly successful advocacy and campaigning activities, including the expansion of its remit to champion women’s rights across the reproductive spectrum – from contraceptive decisions to choices around birth. Clare, who joined BPAS from the BBC 10 years ago, will take over the leadership of the charity in January 2021. Next year BPAS will start providing not-for-profit infertility services alongside its existing provision of high quality, woman-centred pregnancy counselling, abortion care, contraception services and miscarriage management.

Clare Murphy said:

“I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed as the next CEO of this completely brilliant and unique organisation. BPAS today is widely recognised for its commitment to advocating for women’s autonomy and choice in pregnancy while providing high quality, evidence-based healthcare services, and with the launch of our IVF service next year we will be able to help women and couples who wish to start pregnancies as well as those who need to end them. The BPAS of the 2020s will be one that both champions and delivers choice to women at every stage of their reproductive journeys with the same commitment to clinical excellence and compassionate care that has underpinned our abortion service. I am hugely excited to build on Ann’s phenomenal legacy.”

Dame Cathy Warwick, Chair of BPAS board of Trustees said:

“We felt that Clare was the ideal person to lead BPAS into the future. Clare is deeply committed to the values of BPAS and to working with a wide range of other organisations and individuals  to ensure women's reproductive rights are upheld. She is fiercely proud of everything BPAS achieves even in challenging times and is clear that this is only possible because of our committed staff and our wonderful leadership team. I, and my fellow Trustees, look forward very much to working with Clare.”

Ann Furedi, BPAS CEO said:

“Leading BPAS is the best job in the world and Clare is undoubtedly the best person to take it on.  She is a fearsome and principled advocate and an inspiring organiser; her commitment to reproductive choice is proven and unshakable.”