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Women today are living with a healthcare system that for the most part has been designed by men, for men. It means that women are under-represented in clinical research and that often there isn’t enough known about conditions that only affect women, or conditions that might impact women in different ways. All of this can lead to poorer advice, diagnosis and worse health outcomes for women.

We all know somebody, or indeed may have experienced ourselves, a healthcare encounter that didn’t go as we’d hope. Whether it’s not feeling heard by a doctor, not being able to access preferred contraception, or waiting years for a diagnosis - the health service can do better for women.

Now the government is seeking the views of organisations and individuals to help them develop their Women’s Health Strategy. They want to hear from as many women as possible, from all ages and backgrounds, about what aspects of health care work well for them and what needs to change.

The easiest way to participate in the call for evidence as an individual is by completing the public survey

It doesn’t take long and every answer will help the government to make sure women’s voices are being heard on the topic of their own health.

At BPAS we believe in putting healthcare choices in women's hands. Whether it’s choosing the right contraceptive method needed to avoid pregnancy, deciding whether or not to breastfeed, making the decision to start a pregnancy and being able to access IVF if needed, or having the choice to end a pregnancy as well - we believe women can make these decisions for themselves and deserve to be supported by a healthcare system that allows them to do just that.