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Forced into a
corner: The two-child limit and
pregnancy decision making
during the pandemic.


Emergency Contraception, Coronavirus and Confidentiality: A mystery shop of pharmacy access during the pandemic (PDF)


Pills by Post: Telemedical Abortion at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) September 2020 (PDF)


BPAS investigation into the IVF postcode lottery: an examination of CCG policy for the provision of fertility services (PDF)


Why do women need abortions after 20 weeks? (PDF)


Levonorgestrel 1.5mg as a GSL medicine (PDF)


Pharmacy provision of emergency contraception: A mystery shopper study (PDF)


Social media, SRE and Sensible Drinking: Understanding the dramatic decline in teenage pregnancy (PDF)


Medically complex women and abortion care (PDF)


Consent, decision-making and safeguarding: a briefing on the frameworks to protect and support women and girls seeking pregnancy advice and abortion care in the UK today (PDF)


I could not survive another day (PDF)



Reproductive Rights: What Do They Mean for Disabled Women? (PDF)


Becoming a mother: Understanding women’s choices today (PDF)


No sign of support: Understanding young deaf people’s sexual and reproductive health needs (PDF)



Sex and contraception after childbirth (PDF)



"But I was using contraception..." - Why women present for abortions after 20 weeks (PDF)



Example report