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Our campaign for women in Northern Ireland

In the wake of Ireland’s historic vote to legalise abortion, it’s clearer than ever that the law in Northern Ireland needs to change.


Take action at https://nowforNI.uk/email.


Unlike the rest of the UK – and hopefully soon Ireland – women in Northern Ireland still cannot access abortion care in their own country. The 1861 Offences Against the Person Act made it illegal for any women to cause their own abortion, and could carry a sentence of life imprisonment.  The Abortion Act 1967 that created exemptions for women in England and Wales was never applied in Northern Ireland, meaning women there still face criminal sanctions if they choose to end their pregnancy.

Every day, three Northern Irish women either travel abroad to access treatment or buy illegal abortion pills online – risking life imprisonment.

The Republic of Ireland’s law is finally changing. The time is now for Northern Ireland. #NowForNI


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