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What to expect on the day

Can my partner come with me?

Yes. We welcome the involvement of partners or other support people. We will do as much as we can to make your time with us as comfortable as possible for both of you. Your partner can stay with you right up to going into theatre if you’re having a surgical procedure, and can see you in the recovery area once you are awake. If you are having a medical induction your partner or support person can stay with you throughout the procedure.

Where possible, we will provide some separate space away from other clients while waiting for and recovering from the procedure.

Information for women having a surgical procedure?

Glasses and contact lenses
Many people now sleep in soft contact lenses and this may be acceptable for short procedures. Please ask the nurse or the anaesthetist. You may keep your glasses on until the last moment.

False or loose teeth can interfere with the anaesthetist's oral equipment. If you have dentures please discuss this with the anaesthetist.

Jewellery, make-up and nail polish
You must remove all jewellery and decorative piercings (including tongue piercings). If you can’t remove it then we will cover it with tape to prevent accidental damage to your skin.

Please remove all make-up. You do not need to remove false nails or nail varnish.

Essential things to bring:

  • Any prescribed medicines or inhalers
  • Stick-on sanitary towels
  • Extra underwear
  • Slippers and a nightshirt or t-shirt if you are having treatment under general anaesthetic (asleep)

If your treatment requires an overnight stay please bring an overnight bag, toiletries and a towel with you.

Some questions you may have:

Will the baby feel pain?

Current research shows that the necessary sensory structures are not developed enough for a fetus to feel pain before 28 weeks' gestation.

Can I know the sex of the baby?

BPAS staff are not trained to identify the sex of a baby on ultrasound. If you have a medical induction we may be able to tell you the sex of the baby.

I would like to have a funeral for my baby, how do I go about it?

You will need to contact a funeral director. There is more information about this here.

When can I get pregnant again?

You can try and conceive again whenever you feel ready. If you do not want to get pregnant in the near future it is important to understand that your fertility can return within 2 weeks of a termination, so you may want to discuss starting a method of contraception at the time of your treatment.