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Pregnancy testing

If you think you may be pregnant, the first thing to do is to find out whether you really are.

A pregnancy test is the most reliable way to confirm if you are pregnant. Many tests give an accurate result from the first day your period was due. If your periods are not regular, take the test 3 weeks after unprotected sex.

You can buy reliable home pregnancy tests from high street chemists and most supermarkets. Many pharmacists also offer a pregnancy testing service. Alternatively Your GP, contraception and sexual health service or family planning clinic may be able to offer you a free test. Free pregnancy testing is often available for the under 25s at Brook.

What to do when you have completed a test

Pregnant and not sure what to do?

If you have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, BPAS can help with specialist counselling, advice and abortion treatment.

If the test is negative, you might want to think about your contraception.