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Educational opportunities for professionals, trainees and students

Externships at BPAS for medical students or post-graduate trainees

BPAS offers week-long externships for medical students and trainees interested in learning about abortion care. 

Applications are invited from students who have completed at least the first year and have a good understanding of the importance of confidentiality and medical ethics.  Trainees are generally from the fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology or Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.  Applications are accepted from individuals inside and outside of the UK

Externs will observe each step of the patient care pathway including pregnancy options counselling, medical assessment and consent, medical and surgical abortions up to 24 weeks' gestation, and aftercare. Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and contraception counselling and fitting are also part of the care pathway.

Externs may also be able to perform scanning procedures and assist with theatre preparation.

Externships are offered at several locations and students will be attached to a local mentor.  These include London (Richmond), Bournemouth and Portsmouth, or Merseyside and Chester. Locations and dates will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

This opportunity is offered in collaboration with Medical Students for Choice who also can provide funding for travel and accommodation.


This externship was by far the most impactful experience I have had in medicine - I can't speak highly enough about BPAS. From the second I arrived at BPAS, it was clear that the staff were dedicated to creating a positive learning environment for me. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the care that everyone had for their clients and their colleagues was apparent. The clinical staff took the time to explain procedures, patient counselling, clinic flow, abortion laws in the UK, and much more to me and went above and beyond in answering the questions that I asked them. I learned a great deal about all aspects of abortion care throughout my week at BPAS and am now even more excited to become a qualified abortion provider. I really appreciated the diversity of patients (with regards to age, race, nationality, language, socioeconomic background and more) that we saw throughout the week as it helped solidify my understanding that people of all backgrounds need abortions for a myriad of reasons. Working with multiple providers throughout the week was helpful so that I could see a variety of techniques and hear about all of their experiences of providing abortion care (especially in the second trimester). At one point during the externship, Dr. A described providing abortion care as a "mission." I was genuinely sad to wrap up my externship as I truly enjoyed being in an environment where everyone was dedicated to the mission of providing abortion care.


If you wish to apply for a BPAS externship please complete the application form below and return to rhe@bpas.org or contact:

Pearl Hudson - Clinical Department
BPAS Head Office,
Orion House,
2 Athena Drive,
Tachbrook Park,
Leamington Spa,
CV34 6RQ

For more information please call 01789 265 808 or email rhe@bpas.org

Ad-Hoc Student Placements /Observational Opportunity

We welcome applications of interest from a wide range of students (including medical, nursing and midwifery), trainees and health care professionals who wish to visit a BPAS clinic to learn about abortion-care pathways and the services we provide.  These short term observational opportunities can be arranged for up to three days duration.  A signature from an educational supervisor for students and trainees, as well as an explanation of the request for placement will be requested.  If you require a placement of longer than three days, you will be directed to apply via the MSFC externship programme (see  above).

Please complete this form and return it to student-placements@bpas.org for the attention of Pearl Hudson if you wish to visit a BPAS clinic for a short-term observational opportunity .