Referring to BPAS

Call 03457 30 40 30 to refer to BPAS for treatment.

You or your patient can make the telephone call to book.

GPs or other healthcare professionals may call our Referral Support Hotline on 03332342435 if you want to refer a patient with complex medical needs, if they are vulnerable or you have other concerns.

Calls are charged at a local rate.

Phone lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Appointments are available from more than 60 clinics located across England, Wales and Scotland. A choice of convenient appointment times is available; to include early morning, evening and weekend timeslots.

Referral forms

Referral forms are available below:

Termination of pregnancy and Vasectomy multipurpose referral form (PDF or Word). The word referral form is protected to allow completion of the form fields only. Contact for an unprotected version.

HSA1 Form (PDF or Word)

Termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly (PDF) - there is an alternative patient pathway for TOPFA referrals from NHS Units. Referral forms are printed, completed and faxed or emailed to either the treatment unit or contact centre.

Click here to place your order for printed referral forms, 'Contact cards' and 'Considering abortion' leaflets to help inform your patient when you make their referral.