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What to expect on the day

When you visit us you will be given a copy of ‘My BPAS guide’ to explain in detail what happens during your consultation and treatment. There are lots of videos and information on the website to help you too.

You can bring someone with you (space is limited so just one person please). You can rejoin them in the waiting room between each stage of your appointment(s) with us. You will need someone to take you home if you plan to have your treatment while ‘asleep’ or sedated.

Often consultation and treatment can be arranged for the same day and most treatments are completed as a day-care procedure (an overnight stay is not needed).


Abortion pill up to 10 weeks

Abortion pill from 10 weeks up to 24 weeks

Surgical abortion with local anaesthetic or conscious sedation 

Surgical abortion with general anaesthetic

Remember for your appointment:

  • Bring all letters and paperwork from your GP or family planning clinic
  • Bring your scan report if you have one
  • Bring all your medicines including inhalers
  • You may be given an internal scan if you are under 8 weeks pregnant
  • Our clinics are not suitable for children – please don’t bring them with you
  • Take note of what you are told about eating and drinking if you booked for same day consultation and treatment. If you don’t follow the instructions given to you at the time of booking, it may not be safe to give you the treatment of your choice or your treatment may be postponed.