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bpas comment on CPS decision to stop private prosecutions of doctors charged with abortion offences

The Crown Prosecution Service, CPS, has announced that it has stopped the private prosecution of two doctors charged with abortion offences.

Ann Furedi, bpas chief executive, said:

"We are very pleased that the 3 year ordeal endured by these doctors has now come to an end, and disappointed only that it has taken so long. These were healthcare professionals trying to meet women's needs, who had committed no crime, and yet they have effectively been in the dock since The Telegraph ran its "sting" investigation in early 2012.

"Abortion doctors cannot continue working in an environment where the threat of prosecution is so regularly dangled over their heads by a small number of people opposed to what they do. This campaign against doctors has a knock-on effect for services which can severely compromise women's care. The time really has come to take abortion out of the criminal law and regulate it like other women's healthcare procedures."

For more information please contact bpas at press@bpas.org and 0207 612 0206 or 07788 725 185