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Programme for schools & colleges

BPAS Sex & Relationships Education (SRE) programme is aimed at K3/4 & 5 students, to help support and compliment the PSHE curriculum. It covers the areas of understanding our bodies, relationships, conception, contraception, the dilemmas presented by an unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

We give advice and care to thousands of young women with unintended pregnancies each year and we use our wealth of experience in this area to inform our programme as well as to campaign for sexual health policies and services that meet their needs.

Education is a key part of our remit as a charity, and we aim to ensure today’s young people have the information they need to enjoy safe and fulfilling relationships and the confidence to make the choices that are right for them.

We have a set of lessons available to schools and colleges and can also provide bespoke lessons based on the needs of your students. We can often provide a BPAS professional to deliver the lessons in conjunction with your school/college staff, as well as work with your staff to support them in the delivery of some of the more tricky and sensitive areas of sex and relationships education through training or team teaching. We also have a track record in delivering sessions in alternative settings, including hospitals and adolescent psychiatric units.

We utilise our own young people focused materials and make links with your local sexual health services and professionals.

The overarching rationale of our programme is in keeping with the guidance produced by the Department of Health, which is to achieve consistent, seamless support and care for young people to improve their sexual health and wellbeing, ensuring they are prepared and supported in their decision-making. Sexual health is important to both individuals and communities and relates to other public health and well-being issues including safeguarding, equalities, child poverty and educational attainment.

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