BPAS is at the forefront of innovation in abortion in the UK.

We have a thriving research programme that includes internal and external projects that are adding to the evidence base for reproductive and sexual healthcare.

Applications to conduct research and engage in collaborative partnerships are welcomed by BPAS.

Our research programme is monitored by BPAS Research and Ethics Committee, a sub-committee of the Clinical Governance Committee.

The role of the Research and Ethics committee is to examine all proposals for research, audits or service evaluation involving clients, or materials derived from clients, which are to be carried out within BPAS units or with BPAS staff, and to ensure that such activities conform to generally accepted ethical principles and standards. The committee also provides advice on ethical issues that affect BPAS.

Click here to read BPAS’ Research and Ethics Committee Terms of Reference.

BPAS Research and Ethics Committee is a member of the Association of Research and Ethics Committees (AREC) and the National Research and Ethics Service reference group.

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